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Grand Slam Construction Office

Grand Slam Construction Office

Grand Slam Construction – Growing one customer at a time.

With the anticipated flood of construction activity in rebuilding of the nations transportation infrastructure, GSC is poised to capitalize on the many public projects in 2020. According to American Society of Civil Engineers, the United States will need to spend an additional $1.44 trillion on infrastructure during the next decade. Experienced contractors like GSC are doing their part to support expected large scale projects in the Chicago Area.  We are leveraging technology in response to trends in these sectors, but have not lost sight of the fact that contracting remains a relationship-based and customer service oriented business. We understand that our customers can be our greatest form of advertising and that keeping a strong relationship is vital.

 A Win-Win Philosophy

GSC approaches every project with a win-win attitude.  We look at what is fair for both sides and believe that goes a long way in helping our reputation and also at making our jobs profitable.  Working together as a partnership with our customers is in our estimation the best way to handle a complex issues and have both sides come out satisfied with the outcome. This philosophy has enabled us to grow substantially in the past three years and will  serve us well into the future. To accommodate our growing customer base we recently moved into our new offices located at 3805 Illinois Avenue in St. Charles Illinois.

How We Can Help

Many sites  in the Chicago Area have significant contamination issues. GSC has extensive experience in environmental remediation and for over two decades we have cleaned up contaminated soil, groundwater or surface water. The purpose is about protecting people and the environment against potential harmful effects from harmful contamination. Our track record with state agencies such as the Illinois State Fire Marshal and the Illinois EPA is second to none.