Environmental Remediation Chicago

Environmental Remediation Chicago

Known as “the city that works,” Chicago has a long history of getting work done. Unfortunately, that also means Chicago has a long history of contaminated soil, leaking underground storage tanks and abandoned industrial sites that need to be cleaned up before progress on those properties can continue. When it comes to providing the environmental remediation services Chicago needs to keep working, no one provides more service and experience than Grand Slam Construction. We’ve become known as one of the premier environmental remediation companies in Chicago. All thanks to the extensive experience we bring to the field and our commitment to performing our duties in the most responsible manner possible. Our client base includes environmental consultants, general contractors, cities, real estate developers and property owners who need environmental remediation in Chicago and elsewhere. Chicago is the city that works, and Grand Slam Construction is committed to keeping it that way.

Since 2001, Grand Slam Construction has been one of the leading environmental cleanup contractors in Illinois, lending our expertise and knowledge to numerous sensitive remediation projects throughout Chicagoland and beyond. Our highly trained professionals have more than a lifetime of experience in the construction industry. They have leveraged that experience into many successful environmental remediation and cleanup projects for the public and private sectors.

What We Do

​​Grand Slam Construction’s comprehensive experience as environmental remediation contractors in Chicago means we can handle virtually any type of site cleanup services a property owner or other type of customer requires. Our experience and expertise means we are fully capable of performing remediation services, including:

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Superfund work

  • Soil and water remediation

  • Leaking Underground storage tank removal LUST Fund

  • Underground Storage Tank Removal

  • Waste transportation and disposal services

  • Special Waste and Hazardous Waste Disposal Services

  • Building Demolition

  • Remediation of low-level radioactive soil

  • Industrial site reclamation

  • Tank closures/abandonments

  • Reactive wall installations

  • Unsuitable Soil Disposal

  • Our experience as one of the leading environmental cleanup companies in Chicago gives us the capabilities to take on the most common environmental remediation scenarios with ease, such as:

    • Brownfield remediation: Most brownfield projects require a combination of demolishing existing structures and remediating any contaminated soils and water left behind. Grand Slam Construction has the capability to perform all of this for our clients.

    • Soil remediation: Grand Slam Construction has completed numerous successful soil remediation projects, and we can leverage our experience in this area to any project that requires it. Through our highly trained personnel and management, we can remove contaminated soil and ensure the contamination doesn’t spread to other areas of the site. We work with many respected and capable soil disposal facilities to ensure that any soil we excavate is dealt with in the most environmentally responsible manner. We also have close ties with many regulatory agencies, which prevents any paperwork problems from delaying or disrupting the remediation process.

    • Fuel tank removal: The presence of an underground storage tank — most commonly found on former gas station properties and other commercial properties — can put a serious hitch in a site’s redevelopment. In the state of Illinois studies by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency show that many of these properties have leaking underground tanks. Fortunately, Grand Slam Construction’s experience working with leaking underground storage tanks dates back over 20 years and it local knowledge in working with the various state and local agencies is impressive.. We have all of the training and certifications necessary to remove an underground tank effectively — with a serious focus on safety and quality work.

    • Groundwater removal: Grand Slam Construction brings a full-service approach to groundwater removal, our staff has the on-site expertise needed to handle the challenges that come from such remediation projects.

Environmental Remediation ChicagoGrand Slam Construction Can Help

Depending on the sites’s size and the amount of environmental remediation required, a project can take a few days to over one year.  No matter the size and scope of the project, however, clients in the Chicago Area can count on Grand Slam Construction to provide the most comprehensive services.

To find out what Grand Slam Construction can do to serve your environmental remediation needs please contact us.