Excavation Services

There is more to excavation than digging a hole in the ground.  Even though the equipment used in excavation often is big and heavy, excavation requires a delicate touch and specialized knowledge.  Excavations need to be performed with sensitivity to the surrounding site, and the excavated material must be hauled away to the appropriate disposal site. Regardless of the size of the excavation required, excavation contractors must be experienced and have the proficiency necessary to ensure that this portion of the construction process is successful. The combination of experience and expertise that Grand Slam Construction brings to every job makes us one of the leading providers of excavating service in Chicago. We can leverage those advantages so that your construction project starts with more than just a hole in the ground.

We offer professionalism and attention to detail on every job ensuring  that every aspect of the excavation — from the moment the shovels first bite into the ground to the moment the last shovelful of dirt is hauled away — is performed to your exact needs and specifications. With Grand Slam Construction providing excavation services for your construction project, you can rest assured that you will have professional service every step of the way.

Unmatched Excavation Expertise

Grand Slam Construction’s years of completing countless successful excavation projects throughout Chicago and the surrounding area means we have excavations down to a science. Here’s a typical breakdown of the process we use on an excavation:

  1. Preparation: After surveying crew determines the boundaries of the excavation, our highly trained and seasoned professional examine the site and develop a plan for excavation.  This includes contacting the appropriate agencies to determine that the digging will not disrupt any existing utility lines.

  2. Digging: Through the use of heavy equipment, we dig the extended excavation area, taking extreme care that everything is done to perfection and that the excavated site is firm enough to support the foundation properly.

  3. Soil Removal: Throughout the process, we haul away the excavated soil either to be used as fill elsewhere or disposed of at an appropriate site.


The excavation process is crucial for a successful construction project. With years of experience serving numerous projects throughout the area, Grand Slam Construction has what it takes to guarantee the best possible results for your project.Excavation Chicago


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