Construction on development projects often must wait until site remediation has taken place. Underground fuel tank removal can be particularly challenging, but we’re here to provide solutions. Grand Slam Construction has extensive experience and expertise carrying out site remediation projects, including commercial fuel tank removal, and we specialize in commercial and industrial projects throughout the Midwest.
While we are a full-service site development company, tank removal is a specialty of ours. Our team of highly trained professionals has successfully overseen numerous fuel tank disposal projects, such as gas station demolitions. The presence of contaminated soil and groundwater, and the risk of fire and explosion are two reasons why the kind of experience and expertise we have at Grand Slam Construction are critical when it comes to providing fuel tank removal solutions.


A Focus on Safety and Quality

​Grand Slam Construction performs fuel tank removal services with a laser focus on safety and quality work. We have the expertise to be an OSFM-approved contractor, and have extensive experience working with both the Illinois Leaking Underground Storage Tank Fund (LUST Fund) and EPA’s Superfund program. We participate in OSHA training and certification processes, and confined space training and certification, which is vital when removing an underground fuel tank. The Illinois Department of Transportation recognizes us as a certified contractor, and team members take refresher courses in handling hazardous materials.


What Underground Commercial Fuel Tank Removal Entails

Our broad range of clients includes developers, contractors, municipalities and environmental consultants. If your property includes fuel tanks that have to be removed before you can move your project forward, Grand Slam Construction stands ready to help. Here’s a brief synopsis of what’s involved in fuel tank disposal:

  • Determine location and size of the fuel tank(s)

  • Obtain necessary permits and schedule inspections

  • Schedule and perform the removal of the tank(s)

  • Handle environmentally safe disposal of the tank(s)

  • Test soil and groundwater to determine further remediation steps

  • Provide all documentation

Serving Chicagoland and the Midwest

​Safe fuel tank removal requires experience and expertise, and Grand Slam Construction provides both, having been founded in 2001. Whether your site is in St. Charles, Chicago or anywhere else in Illinois or any of the nearby states, we are here to perform the necessary remediation services. Contact us today to learn more about our services.