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First Street Development – St. Charles, IL

In a perfect world, your construction site would be perfectly level, completely ready for you to begin construction. In the real world, however, the earth doesn’t cooperate. Your site may be uneven, and an uneven site means roads and foundations can’t be constructed properly. On top of that, storm water may pool in various spots around the site, which can lead to drainage problems and serious foundation issues down the road. This is why grading is an important part of site preparation, because making sure that the ground is level and properly contoured can mean the difference between a successful project and one that’s doomed to failure in the future.

What’s the difference between Grading and Site Preparation?

Site Preparation is usually done done 1-3 weeks before build time. This is because over time, environmental factors affect the site, causing the ground to unsettle, erode, and loosen so if you prep the site too soon, you might need to re-prep it before building.

Grading Services Chicago isn’t as important as site preparation when it comes to building a structure; however, it is important for maintaining the structure and surrounding area. Normally, grading is done at the end of your project – also known as final grading – so any leftover dirt is distributed and to ensure all building equipment is clear from the site before grading starts.

How is Grading a site done?

A variety of equipment is used for grading including an excavator and bulldozer.  At GSC we have well maintained equipment capable of preforming all types of different projects including the First Street Development Project in downtown St. Charles Illinois which is shown in the above picture.

For questions or more information on grading and other services please contact us.  We can also provide you with letters of recommendations on all types of commercial projects.

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